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二零一五年12月19日全国高校英语四级考試已完成,此次考試为多题多卷,我梳理了二零一五年12月英语四级听力第一套的所有内容(沪江网版),可供试题参考。第一套较短对话Short conversations1.M: Do you remember the wonderful film on space exploration we watched together last month?W: Sure. It's actually the most impressive one I've seen on that topic.Q: What do we learn about the speakers?2.W: Are you looking for anything in particular?M: Yes. My son is graduating from high school and I want to get him something special.Q: Where does the conversation most probably take place?3.M: Mike told me yesterday that he'd been looking in vain for a job in the art gallery.W: Really? If I remember right, he had a chance to work there but he turned it down.Q: What does the woman say about Mike?4.W: Would you like to come to Susan's birthday party tomorrow evening?M: I'm going to give a lecture tomorrow. I wish I could be in two places at the same time.Q: What does the man mean?5.W: Aren't you discouraged by the slow progress your staff is making?M: Yes. I think I'll give them a deadline and hold them to it.Q: What is the man probably going to do?6.W: Excuse me, could you tell me where the visitor's parking is? I left my car there.M: Sure. It's in Lot C, over that way.Q: What does the woman want to know?7.W: You look great now that you've taken those fitness classes.M: Thanks. I've never thought better in my life.Q: What does the man mean?8.W: I really admire the efficiency of your secretaries.M: Our company selects only the best. They have a heavy workload and we give them a lot of responsibilities.Q: What are the speakers talking about?第一套宽对话Conversation OneW: Hi, Leo. Why do you say English will become the world language?M: Well, for one thing, it's so commonly used. The only language that is used by more people is Chinese.W: Why is English spoken by so many people?M: It's spoken in many countries of the world because of the British Empire. And now, of course, there's influence of America as well.W: Many students find English a difficult language to learn.M: Oh, all languages are difficult to learn. But English does have two great advantages.W: What are they?M: Well, first of all, it has a very international vocabulary. It has many German, Dutch, French, Spanish and Italian words in it. So speakers of those languages will find many familiar words in English. In fact, English has words from many other languages as well.W: Why is that?M: Well, partly because English speakers have travelled a lot. They bring back words with them, so English really does have an international vocabulary.W: And what's the other advantage of English?M: It's that English grammar is really quite easy. For example, it doesn't have dozens of different endings for its nouns, adjectives and verbs, not like Latin, Russian, and German for example.W: Why is that?M: Well, it's quite interesting actually. It's because of the French. When the French ruled England, French was the official language and only the common people spoke English. They try to make the language as simple as possible, so they made the grammar easier.Q9: What does the man say about Chinese?Q10: What made English a widely used language?Q11: What is said to be special about English vocabulary?Conversation TwoM: Hello. Yes?W: Hello. Is that the sales department?M: Yes, it is.W: Oh, well, my name's Jane Kingsbury of GPF Limited. Hmm, we need some supplies for our design office.M: Uh, what's sort?W: Well, first of all, we need one complete new drawing board.M: A DO44 or DO45?W: Uh, I don't know. What's the difference?M: Well, the 45 costs 15 pounds more.W: Hmm, so what's the total price then?M: It's 387 pounds.W: Does that include value added tax?M: Oh, I'm not sure, most of the prices do. Yes, I think it does.W: Hmm, what are the boards actually made of?M: Oh, I don't know. I think it's a sort of plastic stuff these days. It's white anyway.W: Hmm, and how long does it take to deliver?M: Oh, I couldn't really say. It depends on how much work we've got and how many other orders there are to send out, you know.W: Ok. Now we also want some drawing pens, ink and rulers and some drawing paper.M: Oh, dear, the girl that takes orders for supplies isn't here this morning, so I can't take those orders for you. I only do the equipment, you see.W: OK. Well, perhaps I'll ring back tomorrow.M: So do you want the drawing board then?W: I'll have to think about it. Thanks very much. I'll let you know. Goodbye.M: Thank you. Goodbye.。